RLR The Guardian

Dam: SGV Olivia Grace
Sire: SD Empire
DOF: 2019

Guardian is going to be big like his dam and the perfect conformation of his sire. His long legs and athletic build make him ready for any discipline. Guardian is also blessed with the marking of an eagle on his flank and proudly shows off his stamp of protection.

Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles (and their feathers) are highly revered and considered sacred within First Nations traditions, culture, and religion. They represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. It is said that if an eagle appears, it bestows many gifts of abundance, leadership and the courage to look ahead.

The eagle is symbolic of the importance of honesty and truth and will always keep you safe and protected.

RLR The Guardian will be the colt who guards and protects for many years to come.